Brand & Design





These brand consultants will help you create a compelling story around your business and help you refine your messaging. 

  • Thomas O'Connell (We Make Heart | | Website)

Thomas is the founder of We Make Heart. Thomas is a master storyteller and helps companies bring their identify to life through content and visual design. We We Make Heart's work here. He helped to create the Pillar brand and website.

  • Ted Nelson (Mechanica | | Website)

The Mechanica team has worked with our portfolio, and come highly recommended to us. The Mechanica team typically works with late stage companies. 

  • John Skurchak (Skurchak Design | | Website)

John created our Pillar logo, and we have worked with him on several projects. He is extremely talented, and can help with full brand development. 

  • Paul Schauder (Rhymes With Chowder | | Website)

Paul is the founder of Rhymes with Chowder. He helps with branding and helping companies to create a compelling story, messaging and demand generation programs.

  • Carly Mellos (Wilfey | | Website)

    Wilfey is a creative house that partners with VC firms to provide its portfolio companies with cost-effective design and positioning resources. Wilfey specializes in producing high-quality work on tight deadlines with expertise in branding, positioning, pitch decks, and marketing assets.

Outcast pairs strategy with execution to drive growth for consumer & enterprise companies. They have an impressive list of portfolio companies, but are a bit later-stage.

Addis comes highly recommended to us. They are marketers with deep roots in branding which enables them to be creative partners with a long- term strategic vision for the brands they work with.  They are cost effective and have a solid list of clients. 

Website Designers

This group of designers will help you conceptualize and design your new website. 

  • Julia Wilson (Bad Design | | Website)

Julia comes highly recommended to Pillar by several friends of the firm. View Julia's work here.

  • Katie Okalita (Oak Maine | | Website)

Katie built Pillar's website and is an absolute pleasure to work with. Katie responds to feedback well, and is fast and thorough. View Katie's work here

Graphic Designers

We use these graphic designers often when making visual assets for events, logos, and more. 

  • Britni Linford ( | Website)

    Britni is based in SLC and frequently freelances for the Pillar team. She is creative, fast, easy to work with, responds well to feedback. View Britni's work here.

  • Erik DiMauro ( | Website)

    Erik is a graphic and logo designer, and has created several logos for companies in the broader pillar community. View Erik's work here