CEo Coaches

SSCA | Stephanie Tran (

Several coaches are part of this firm, which provides CEO and executive coaching. Pillar Partner, Sarah Hodges, works with Stephanie Tran, and one of our Co-Founding Pillars and a portfolio CEO both work with Brad Spencer. All of the coaches are quite different - it may be worth talking to several. 

Don Arnoudse (

Don was recommended to Pillar by one of our co-founding CEOs' companies, who has known him for 25 years and has deep respect for his practice. Don works with very senior executives.

Whit Mitchell (

Whit Mitchell was recommended to Pillar with high praise by one of our co-founding Pillar CEOs, who has worked with Whit for several years as a coach.

Anthony Palombit (

Anthony has a psychology background. He works with CEOs, executives and senior teams, and also facilitates workshops. He is very effective by phone, also teaches at Wharton part time.

Jim Rosen (

Jim Rosen is an executive coach and mindfulness coach. Jim is a technologist who successfully founded two startups, and had a successful technical career before moving into coaching. Jim oversees a network of consultants who weave mindfulness into their practice. 

Julie Engle (

Julie Engel has experience working across industries and company size. She integrates approaches and tools into her work with clients including: emotional intelligence, mindful awareness, frameworks for building effective and satisfying work relationships, practices for sustaining well-being, somatics and applied neurobiology.

Sam James (

Sam was recommended to Pillar by the former GM of a publicly traded company in Boston. Sam has a psychology background, and brings science to his executive coaching in a non-academic way. Sam works with both CEOs and executives. | Dan Putt (

Founded by former VC, Jerry Colonna, Reboot offers coaching, 360 degree performance reviews, bootcamps, co-founder bootcamps, peer groups, internal trainings and organizational change management for your company, and plenty of rich resources for entrepreneurs, such as their podcast.

Results by Design | Amy Tananbaum (

Pillar's Sarah Hodges has worked extensively with Amy Tananbaum. Amy oversees a diverse team of coaches, and can recommend several options based on an executives' specific needs. Her team has supported individuals ranging from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies. 

Executive leadership Support


Bouzha Cookman runs this high-growth CEO group in Boston. Pillar partner, Russ Wilcox, and several of our Co-Founding Pillar CEOs have participated in the group, and have had very positive experiences. The group meets two days per quarter and the cost is $15 - 25k, depending on company stage. 

Bouzha Cookman


Melanie Ziegler is a former engineering leader who now runs a very well-regarded group for VPEs at Series A/B and beyond companies. Participants include HubSpot, Toast, iRobot and others. 

Melanie Ziegler

(SENIOR LEADERS) Collaborative Gain

Phil Terry runs this group which meets twice per year in NYC and SF, and brings together senior leaders from HR, Product, Engineering, UX, Marketing and more for peer group discussions. 

Phil Terry

(EMERGING MANAGERS) Leading with Purpose

Laura Parrott, VP of Leadership Development at HubSpot, runs this cohort program to help emerging leaders learn foundational management skills. 

Laura Parrot