Events, Caterers, & Photographers



Event Planning

Planning events can be very stressful, these event planners can help companies of all sizes with everything from swag to locations. 

  • Caitlin Carey (Popavent | | Website)

    Caitlin has helped to plan several Pillar events, including our Pillar Portfolio Unconference and our Annual Thanksgiving Feast. She works with companies of all sizes across events of different scales. 


These caterers are some of our favorites for Pillar events. 

  • Meghan Hargraves (Bread & Ginger | | Website)

    Meghan is a talented chef and caterer, who often prepares delicious meals for Pillar events. 


From event photography to team headshots, we have used these photographers time and time again with great results. 

  • Sam Moody (

Sam has taken headshots for the Pillar team and many of our portfolio companies. He is wonderful to work with and is an excellent photographer. View Sam's work here.

We've used this company for several Pillar events with great results. 

We have used Ez-Cater for many Pillar events. Ez-Cater makes it easy to order catering from hundreds of caterers on one website.