Executive Coaches

Amy Tananbaum (Boston)

atananbaum@results-by-design.com | LinkedIn

Pillar's Sarah Hodges has worked extensively with Amy Tananbaum. Amy oversees a diverse team of coaches, and can recommend several options based on an executives' specific needs. She is wonderful to work with, and her team has supported individuals ranging from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies. 

Anthony Palombit (San Francisco)

apalombit@gmail.com | LinkedIn 

Anthony is based in SF and has a psychology background. He works with CEOs, executives and senior teams, and also facilitates workshops. Anthony uses unique approaches, and is very effective by phone. He also teaches at Wharton part time.

Brad Spencer

bspencer@ssca.com | LinkedIn

Brad Spencer was recommended to Pillar by one of our co-founding CEO's, with whom he personally works as a coach.

Camille Preston

camille@aimleadership.com | LinkedIn

Camille was recommended to Pillar (with high praise) by one of our co-founding CEOs' companies for whom she has facilitated an exec session. She is also a coach for one of the company's senior executives. 

Don Arnoudse

don@arnoudse.com | LinkedIn

Don was recommended to Pillar by one of our co-founding CEOs' companies, who has known him for 25 years and has deep respect for his practice. Don works with very senior executives and has an exceptional style. 

Jim Rosen

jim@mindfulaware.com | LinkedIn

Jim works with several CEOs and executives in Boston at Yesware, Pixability, Influitive and other companies. He was a member of Netegrity's founding management team, and has a strong focus on mindfulness, addressing both the inner dynamics of leadership (consciousness) as well as practical skills development (competence).

John Delmonaco

jdelmonaco@rhrinternational.com | LinkedIn

John is based in Boston and is part of RHR, a national coaching consulting firm. He does assessments, 360s, succession planning, and coaching.  

Julie Engel

julie@julieengel.net | LinkedIn

Julie Engel works with Jim Rosen (see above) at Mindful Aware, and also has her own coaching practice. Julie focuses on helping leaders develop the skills, capacity and mindsets that support them in being less reactive and more grounded and steady as they meet the complexity of leading a start up.  Julie's integrated and transformational "whole person" approach consistently has clients move beyond insights, into more effective action. This includes gaining greater mastery of emotions, understanding and practice in how the body can be one's ally in navigating the intensity of startup life, and building and maintaining more effective and satisfying work relationships.

Kathy Ball Toncic

kbt@262group.com | LinkedIn

Kathy is based in Boston and was in HR as an exec and then transitioned to coaching. She works with individuals and also facilitates workshops across a broad range of topics (feedback, unconscious bias, presence, etc).  

Laura Parrot

poplars71@gmail.com | LinkedIn

Pillar's Sarah Hodges has extensive experience working with Laura Parrot, who is the VP of Leadership & Development at HubSpot, and previously worked on the L&D team at Google. aura has experience working with individuals, teams, and organizations on personal and professional development. She is well-versed in topics related to leadership and management, and can navigate coaching relationships with individual contributors through senior leaders. 

Nancy Goldberg

nancy@speechimprovement.com| LinkedIn 

Nancy is based in Boston, she’s a coach focusing on presentation and public speech-making skills. Nancy is very good at practicing public speaking.  

Rob Galford

rgalford@centerforleading.com | LinkedIn

Rob is based in Boston, former HR exec, has written books and articles, serves on boards. Rob works with senior execs and boards.  

Sam James

srjames@srjames.com | LinkedIn

Sam was recommended to Pillar by the former GM of a publicly traded company in Boston. Sam has a psychology background, and brings science to his executive coaching in a non-academic way. Sam works with both CEOs and executives. 

Whit Mitchell

whit@workinginsync.com | LinkedIn

Whit Mitchell was recommended to Pillar with high praise by one of our co-founding Pillar CEOs, who has worked with Whit for several years as a coach.