HR & Recruiting

Payroll & Benefits

Aviva Sapers (Sapers & Wallack | | LinkedIn)

Aviva's company, Sapers & Wallack, provides consultative support to scaling companies across benefits, insurance and wealth management. 

Eileen Driscoll (Supporting Strategies | | LinkedIn

Eileen's company, Supporting Strategies, provides full HR, benefits, accounting and payroll support to scaling companies. Pillar's Sarah Hodges has worked with Supporting Strategies across several startups. 

Jason Hammond (TriNet | | LinkedIn)

TriNet provides industry-tailored HR solutions to small and midsize businesses with exceptional human resources services. See the Offers section for an exclusive offer for Pillar portfolio companies. 



Wendy Silver (Beyond the Workplace | | LinkedIn)

Wendy provides end-to-end HR consulting services with a focus on employment practices and strategy, employee relations, and employee communications. View the Offers section for a special introductory offer for Pillar portfolio companies. View Wendy's portfolio of services.