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Human Resources

These HR consultants will help you understand your people operations and human resources strategy. 

  • Wendy Silver (Beyond the Workplace | | LinkedIn)

    Wendy provides end-to-end HR consulting services with a focus on employment practices and strategy, employee relations, and employee communications. View the Offers section for a special introductory offer for Pillar portfolio companies. View Wendy's portfolio of services.

  • Charlie Gray (Gray Scalable | | Website)

Charlie's team of recruiting and HR professionals helps companies grow and evolve their people practices to match the standards of the world’s leading tech companies.  From pre-Series A to post-IPO companies, they help build teams and develop customized programs that engage your people and advance your culture.


These providers offer consultative support for benefits and will help you understand which packages are available and which ones will be the best fit for your company. 

  • Aviva Sapers (Sapers & Wallack | | LinkedIn)

    Aviva's company, Sapers & Wallack, provides consultative support to scaling companies across benefits, insurance and wealth management. 

  • Eileen Driscoll (Supporting Strategies | | LinkedIn

    Eileen's company, Supporting Strategies, provides full HR, benefits, accounting and payroll support to scaling companies. Pillar's Sarah Hodges has worked with Supporting Strategies across several startups. 


Human Resources

Founded by an early Endeca team member, Shoobx is an integrated all-in-one solution for HR, equity, governance and fundraising. Manage your documents and policies all in one place. 

  • Cover Wallet (Website

    Highly recommended by one of our portfolio companies, Cover Wallet let's you manage all of your insurance policies in one place (eg. Workers' comp). 

  • TriNet  (Website | | LinkedIn)

    TriNet provides industry-tailored HR solutions to small and midsize businesses with exceptional human resources services. See the Offers section for an exclusive offer for Pillar portfolio companies.


  • PeopleKeep (Website

    This company was recommended to us by an experienced serial founder in the healthcare space. PeopleKeep let's employees choose personalized benefits plans. 

  • Justworks (Website | | LinkedIn)

    As a VC-backed PEO, Justworks is able to build a product with features that are necessary as a startup. The company helps small companies get access to better and more affordable benefits for their team. One of our portfolio companies recently started working with Justworks, and is pleased with the experience. 


  • (Website)

    The Bento platform enables employers to self insure their dental benefit and directly pay dentists, while providing employees a superior experience and saving up to 20% of employer dental budget.